A Sense of Place.

Working with this geographically diverse array of sites and working closely with an equally diverse array of vineyard managers and owner-farmers, Ricciato has honed a strong individual sense of what he looks for in vineyards that defines quality and character. From the beginning, Ricciato consistently felt the draw of the deep forests and rugged coastline of Northern California. That draw has never gone away, and his desire to work with vineyards in these locales, tucked in the hills and down rough dirt roads, is what drives him to find fresh sources of inspiration for Marnet today and into the future.

Daniel ricciato

Originally from Westwood, Massachusetts, Daniel Ricciato began his career in the Napa Valley as part of the production team at Outpost Estate Wines on Howell Mountain. While working there, he was exposed to a wide array of vineyard sites and varietals, helping produce many of the client wines under the direction of Thomas Brown. In those 5 years as part of the production team, he developed a deep appreciation for the nuance and vibrant energy of the coastal climate wines.

In 2014 Ricciato shifted his career towards vineyards when Thomas hired him directly as his Grower Relations Manager for over 100+ sites, ranging in location from up and down Napa Valley, throughout West Sonoma County and a few select vineyards in Mendocino County.